Client Testimonials

Management Comments

“Frankie is an incredible role model and instructor. She received RAVE reviews from over 100 employees who attended her professional development series.”
– Human Resource Development Manager

“Frankie, thank you so much for spending time with the Business Planning managers. The feedback has been very positive. Your professionalism, humor and knowledge were commented on and our team gave you very high marks.”
– Vice President, Finance Administration

“Ms. Walters is extremely professional, and because the nature of the services she provides can sometimes be delicate insofar as the personality of her clients, she can handle those situations remarkably well.”
– Vice Chairman of the Board (banking)

“It has been an honor and privilege to attend trainings and one-on-one sessions with Frankie Walters. Frankie took time to get to know each employee to be able to help put together resumes and give valid feedback when needed. Her skill in presenting pertinent information and providing relevant material to workshop participants was first rate! She delivers great service and is an incredible person who deeply cares about people.”
– Human Resources Specialist

“Thank you again for taking the time to give our division an overview of ‘Business Casual’ guidelines. You did such a wonderful job of presenting. As always, you were informative and provided a wealth of ideas and helpful suggestions. In addition, you were a delightful guest speaker for our divisional meeting!”
– Vice President, Finance

“As I look back on the workshop, Frankie, I realize that it is a real art and takes a real person to talk to people about how they look and act, and about being professional without telling them they look and act badly, and are unprofessional. My staff left the workshop not only with a body of knowledge, but also with increased sense of self-esteem. Congratulations!”
– Administrator

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation to the ROP students. Your chat was very well thought out, easy to follow, and fun too! I enjoyed watching the students interact with you as it really helps to hear from you these essential ‘ingredients’ for success. In particular, your concentration on visual perceptions and the importance of voice, posture, and clothing will serve the students through their job search. You made a positive impact on us (me too!). Thank you for giving us your time, energy, expertise, and warmth!
– Program Director

“Clearly you have and will continue to touch countless lives in very positive ways. A sincere “thank you” seems so inadequate, but I think you know how grateful I am to you for touching the lives of my students.”
– Program Director

“Thank you for presenting GREAT Customer Service workshops at the Employment & Training Associationís Conference. The workshop was a success and we truly appreciate all that you did to offer a quality workshop to attendees.”
– Employment & Training Association

“One hundred and sixty-eight (168) employees from Wholesale Corporate Groups and Training Departments attended six 90-minute workshops on professional development. Participates ranked their responses from 1 to 10, 10 being ‘excellent’ and 1 being ‘poor.’ Frankie received 9.0 on the evaluation of the session meeting expectations, 9.0 overall evaluation, and 9.5 instructor evaluation. More significant, in my opinion, is their praise for her openness, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in them as individuals.”
– Human Resources Development Representative


Individual Client Comments

“I found your guidance, standard of integrity, high energy, and encouraging ways to be professional and rewarding. Through your training, knowledge and experiences, I was provided expert assistance. I believe it was your ‘extra touches’ that played a role for me landing a job so quickly. Thank you for your vote of confidence and support.”
– Accounting Manager

“Frankie, I have accepted a purchasing position. I appreciate all your help with my resume and also the interview coaching sessions. Both were very helpful. Again, thank you for all your help and it is most appreciated.”
– Purchasing Professional

“Thank you for guiding me to see the big picture of my leadership skills. Although I do not know the outcome of the interview, I know who I am.”
– School Administrator

“Your counsel and expertise were invaluable to my continued success. I started a new position as a logistics/engineering analyst. Thank you again for all your help and training.”
– Logistics Analyst

“I enjoyed your classes immensely and personal coaching. You were able to teach the classes giving great incite and making them fun. I received a promotion to assistant manager, convention services.”
– Assistant Manager

“Frankie, what can I sayólooking for a job is one of the toughest jobs we ever encounter. Iím not sure I would have made it through the week here without the time and help I received from you. Certainly, it would not have been so productive, measured on new information, new contacts, and a new outlook. I now have more hope and some very useful new strategies. Thank you.”
– Speech Therapist

“Thank you for helping me get an interview and job in the accounting department. I want to thank you for the mentoring, confidence building, and for just being available. It has been difficult to be between jobs. You are a beautiful person.”
– Accountant

“Thank you for the great job with my resume. I also wanted to say what a viable part you played in giving me the confidence to go on job interviews and get a job.”
– Student

“Thank you for your great ideas on informational interviewing and the encouragement to call people. It worked, this past Tuesday, I conducted my first informational interview with the head of the design department. I may have an internship opportunity.”
– Student

“The day after completing your job search workshop series, I received a call for a spur-of-the-moment second interview at 2:00 PM that day. I was interviewed by a panel of four individuals and they asked several questions listed on your handout. I did what you suggested at the close of the interview. I expressed that I wanted the job and asked about the next step. I canít thank you enough for your time and effort in presenting workshops that are so helpful and hopeful.”
– Project Manager


Colleague Comments

“In a field crowded with consultants and trainers, Frankie is, in a word, a ‘standout.’ She is professional, preparing for each seminar with thorough and on-going research of both her content and audiences. Her materials are organized, original, and memorable. Perhaps most impressive, however, is Frankieís delivery and interaction. Her platform skills are excellent. She is an excellent example of timing and enthusiasm. And, while serving as an excellent example of the materials she conveys, she is never formal or preachy. Participants never fail to react to her warmth, enthusiasm, and caring.”
– Human Resources Consultant, SHPH

“In my 35 year career, rarely have I had the opportunity to work with a professional of Frankie Waltersí caliber. She possesses the ability to readily relate to any individual (no matter what circumstance, age, sex, race, creed or persuasion) with unconditional positive regard. She sincerely and professionally coached clients in such a way that their knowledge and self-esteem was greatly enhanced. Her positive outlook and constant smile were contagious to staff and customers alike.”
– Career Center Director

“We often conducted presentations together for both adults and high school audiences. Frankie was well organized, enthusiastic, and just plain fun when giving those workshops. She was able to target her audiences with a wealth of personal stories from her professional background using practical examples in those sessions. She was most knowledgeable and effective in her style.”
– Career Counselor

“Thank you for letting me sit in on your job search and interviewing workshops. Your style is so sincere and real, you are so engaging. I know your warmth helps others move on more easily and efficiently. It has been a real pleasure watching you in action.”
– Outplacement Professional


Professional Development Series & Participate Comments

“Frankie is great! She is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, creative, and compassionate.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Development series. Your vast knowledge and enthusiasm on the different topics is impressive. You are very caring and inspiring.”

“Frankie did a wonderful job of including everyone in the discussion and relating each piece of information to individuals.”

“Frankie Walters is a very pleasant person, and makes everyone feel comfortable in her presence. I really enjoyed her workshop.”

“Frankie is very informative and has a ‘world of knowledge’ to share. I enjoyed her expertise (her real life stories give hope).”

“Frankie is excellent, open, friendly, helpful, and positive!”


Job Search Workshop Series & Participant Comments

“Frankie is awesome. She was very detailed in describing the many facets of a job search that I overlooked in previous job searches.”

“Frankie Walters did an excellent job working with me on my resume. Probably 90% of the places I faxed my resume to I got a job interview. Frankieís workshops on how to dress for an interview and how to prepare for an interview paid off. After I was hired, the interviewer said that out of 41 recent interviewees, I interviewed the best. I learned these skills from Frankie Walters.”