Job Search Toolkit

A Planned Approach to a Job Offer

Today’s challenging job market demands skilled commitment to find and secure a job. In some regions, there are approximately six job seekers for every job opening. One mistake many job seekers make is sending out unsolicited resumes in bulk. Approximately 15% of your time should be spent responding to job postings online. Learn how to effectively use the other 85% to improve your job search.

Workshop (2 to 3 hours)

What Will I Learn?

Learn how to plan and prepare for a job search, build positive relationships, communicate and network effectively, and use appropriate business etiquette and social media to increase your odds of getting the job of your choice.

What Will I Experience?

Learn 3 Components of a Successful Job Search

  1. Job Search Strategy
    • Create a job search plan, portfolio, and follow-up strategy
    • Tap into the hidden job market
  2. Resume and Cover Letter
    • Write a resume that will be read
    • Discover effective cover letter formats
  3. Before, During, and After an Interview
    • Use a 12-step process to present your qualifications and accomplishments, and design follow-up communication
    • Explore answers to common and unusual interview questions

What Will I Get?

Interactive instruction and a workbook provide the tools to improve your job search success.