Interpersonal Communication

A Respectful Approach to Positive Productive Relationships

People encounter more communication challenges today because technology is replacing face-to-face communication. Some people are not proficient interpreting nonverbal messages which also create communication challenges. Strong interpersonal skills enhance the human touch and bridge the gap between in-person and electronic media to personalize communication.

Workshop (2 to 3 hours)

What Will I Learn?

Learn how soft skills, interpersonal communication influence positive outcomes. Learn to communicate confidence, civility, credibility, and competence to build and sustain positive, productive relationships with internal and external customers.

What Will I Experience?

Learn Effective Communication and Impression Management

  • First impression – manage perceptions
  • Attentive listening – in person and on the telephone
  • Effective communication – in person and with technology
  • Nonverbal communication – interpret facial expressions and body language
  • Civility – respect, restraint, responsibility
  • Social manners – courteous, considerate actions
  • Business etiquette – best practices
  • Team player – team spirit

What Will I Get?

Interactive instruction and a workbook provide the tools to connect with people through clear, concise communication and respectful, responsible actions to enhance your success and your organizationĂ­s competitive advantage.