Dress for Your Success

A Confident Approach to “What to Wear to Work”

Eliminate confusion, evaluate your options, select clothing that is in alignment with your organization’s and customers’ business image, and enhance your personal and professional development and your competitive advantage.

Workshop (2 to 3 hours, for Men and Women)

What Will I Learn?

Learn to choose professionally appropriate, financially affordable, and physically flattering clothing to communicate self-confidence and credibility to support your position, your day’s agenda, and desired outcome.

What Will I Experience?

Learn to Interpret and Capitalize on the 7 Languages of Clothing: Men and Women

  • Dress to influence your success
  • Select clothing to align with your company’s business message
  • Dress to support your day’s agenda and desired outcomes
  • Save time and money shopping for wardrobe essentials

What Will I Get?

Interactive instruction and a workbook provide the tools to consistently package and communicate your professional attributes.