Personal Coach

Human resource professionals agree that a high percentage of candidates interviewed do not effectively communicate their skills, abilities, and accomplishments. Learn how to best present yourself during your job search, on your resume, and during an interview to get the job of your choice.

From the beginning, I was not getting my resume looked at by anyone. After our meeting and reworking my resume I had a phone call at least once a week for two months. The week before I got my job I had a call per day and three interviews. I got to choose the job I wanted.

Thank you for everything and the job I have is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!

– Ryan Mayfield

Ryan Mayfield is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science, Management Degree. Because Ryan resides in Texas, Frankie worked with him via telephone and email.

A Planned Approach to a Job Offer

For your convenience, informational interviews and personal coaching sessions on building a job search strategy, writing a resume and cover letter, and acing an interview may be conducted in person or virtually through a combination of telephone calls, email, and Skype.

Job Search Strategy

The purpose of a job search is to get the job of your choice.

To best assist you with your job search, Frankie focuses on the following:

  • Develop a job search plan, portfolio, and follow-up strategy
  • Learn how to tap into the hidden job market
  • Discover ten reasons why employers hire
  • Discover ten reasons why qualified candidates werenít hired

Resume and Cover Letter That Will Be Read

The purpose of a cover letter and resume is to get an interview.

To best assist you with your job search, Frankie uses the following step-by-step process to write a resume that showcases your skills, experience, accomplishments, and education to enhance your interview opportunities.

  • Conduct informational interview
  • Write resume draft
  • Submit draft for approval
  • Fine-tune resume draft
  • Provide finished resume in Word document, plain text, and PDF formats

Interview Mastery: Before, During & After

The purpose of an interview is to get a job offer.

To best help you prepare for an interview, Frankie will coach you on how to present your attributes, qualifications, and accomplishments during an interview to increase your chances for a job offer.

  • Identify and select appropriate clothing styles and colors to align with professional goals
  • Use a 12-step process to best present your qualifications and accomplishments during an interview and design follow-up communication
  • Explore answers to common and unusual interview questions
  • Debrief interviews and receive constructive feedback to determine the next step in your job search process